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Cyberworlds - AI and Robots

We are not biofuel for the Matrix

CyberOutlaw view on issues connected with Cyberworlds, AI, Robots and Computing

During March and April 2024 articles will be added to cover topics such as:

AI, and Future Computing:

  • What is intelligence in the sense of AI? Is ‘generative AI’ different, in which ways? Can we treat AI Bots as colleagues and reliable partners, and if not why not? Anyway, is it that wise, and what happens if we do?
  • Did you know that AI has ‘hallucinations’? It makes things up! Then it adds its hallucinations to the data on the Internet as if it’s true. Gradually, the Internet is becoming worthless ‘alphabet soup’. Had you noticed?
  • Got your Quantum Computer yet? Who has, and what are they doing with them? Undermining security, that’s what ...

CyberWorlds and FutureScapes: A review of

  • William Gibson’s “Cyberpunk”, and
  • E M Forsters “The Machine Stops”,
  • the film “Logan’s Run”, and, of course
  • “The Matrix” ...

Robots and Non-human Beings:

  • What would it be like to ‘team’ with a robot? What does Human-Machine Teaming involve? How do we know what it’s going to do, what it’s capable of, what it is ‘thinking’? How does it know about us and our capabilities? Can we work together effectively?
  • What do you know about Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics”? Politicians and others are talking about regulating AI and robots, are Asimov’s Laws the way to achieve that? Not yet. The article will explain why ...
  • Can we characterise non-human beings (NHBs) into different types? Would that be useful? It should be. In the same way that we select tools and machines that are appropriate for a task, we should be able to do that with NHBs.


[ As at 07 Mar 2024 ]

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