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Environment and Science

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CyberOutlaw view on Environmental and Scientific Issues

During March and April 2024 articles will be added to cover topics such as:

Environment and Nature:

  • Given the Climate Emergency, isn’t it time humanity gave serious attention to reducing the world population, and hence carbon emissions with it? Yes, birthrates are declining in the West, but that’s not enough on its own ...
  • Can we ‘Save the Planet’ by returning to a more agrarian way of life? No! Because low-carbon technologies cannot be hand-made and because its use demands that we maintain ‘Peak Precision’ (especially in the industries that sustain them).
  • Might it be possible to predict earthquakes more accurately if the Earth’s crust was treated, in modelling, as a viscous ‘slow liquid’ rather than a brittle plate? Especially as the ‘sloshing’ of the crust might help predict aftershocks ...

Medical and Biological:

  • Is cancer a disease, or a dis-ease? Is it actually a mitigation mechanism that helps Nature retain regressive capabilities that were once useful in evolution and might be again - maybe already are?
  • We are told that Covid-19 has gone, it has not, and is still spreading as quickly as before. Is that because personal and public hygiene methods have largely been abandoned? Watch people everywhere smearing their noses on their hands ...
  • Obesity is a serious world problem, but the topic is being largely avoided as people are afraid of being accused of ‘fat-shaming’. This public weakness is counter-productive. Should we be more honest and help friends and communities?

Science and Engineering:

  • What are the limits to simulation and modelling? The UK’s Covid-19 modelling group admitted publicly that their efforts were inadequate, but is there a more fundamental limitation? Yes. The article will explore this issue ...
  • A facet of engineering called ‘system thinking’ has convinced itself that it understands everything about the world - and they have published documents to that effect. This article will show that their assumptions are false, and hence their conclusions.
  • Tesla. Not the car but Nicola Tesla the man (1856-1943). He invented the Electronic Age that we all now take for granted. This article is written in praise of his genius - despite, because of, his ‘weirdness’ we all own him a great deal.


[ As at 07 Mar 2024 ]

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