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CyberOutlaw view on Political and Economic Issues

During March and April 2024 articles will be added to cover topics such as:


  • What is ‘Complexity’ and does it have practical principles that decision-makers can use? Yes, and they are listed in the article.
  • Are you a passive process-follower or an active decision-taker, and does it matter which you are?
  • Everyone talks about ‘learning lessons’, and making sure ‘it does not happen again’, but did you know there are four ways to do that - each with different types of outcomes.
  • What is ‘interoperability of the mind and how can it be achieved?

Economics and Commerce:

  • Since when has the Free Market ever been really ‘free’? As it (probably) never has been, and given the financial crashes, is it a dead duck of an idea whose time is long gone?
  • Given the rapid changes in the world, how can people be forward-looking and how can they adapt appropriately?
  • Is it wise to apply best-practice supermarket-chain methods and approaches to all situations - in the name of efficiency? If so, can it be applied to the military and to the NHS to good effect. The answer is a resounding NO, as the article will explain.
  • What are the different ways in which organisations and enterprises can be structured? And which kinds of interoperability, logistics and procurement apply to each of them? Which is the best and why? Well, it depends ...

Politics and Diplomacy:

  • Why was the 2022 UK Conservative Party’s leadership election such a disaster? The one that elected Liz ‘Lettuce’ Truss’ - who then crashed the British economy ...
  • Populism has taken over Western politics. Why? Is it Russian disinformation, social media, toxic speeches becoming the norm (like Johnson’s ‘enemies of the people’ rant against the British judiciary), or some failing in the education of voters perhaps?
  • Protest groups such as ‘Extinction Rebellion’, ‘Just Stop Oil’, the ‘Occupy’ movement and others seem to have little or no long-term effective traction on politics, why? And now that politicians have learned that the best strategy is just to wait, is protest as a facilitator of change now dead? And does it matter ...


[ As at 07 Mar 2024 ]

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