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Human and Social

We are not biofuel for the Matrix

CyberOutlaw view on Human and Social Issues

During March and April 2024 articles will be added to cover topics such as:


  • Religion, have we had enough of it (in the sense of it being used to justify / excuse conflict, torture and abuse)?
  • Are men really, naturally, ‘automatically’ aggressive - or is that view partly a myth, and if so why?
  • What is the value of so-called ‘Drama Theory’ in helping to mediate conflict - such as in Gaza.
  • What would art be if it was ‘Artless’?


  • Is the phrase ‘keeping you safe’ merely a political pacifier to keep us all meek - like the Soma used in in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”? After all, step one in being ‘safe’ is realising that, actually, you never can be ...
  • In society do we now have a ‘Mafia of Mediocrity’, of ordinaryness, of social compliance? Is social media to blame, or are there other reasons for its spread?
  • Noise pollution. Are dog owners justified in thinking that letting their dogs bark incessantly is acceptable? Dog ASBOs exist, why are they not used more often to keep the peace to which we are all entitled?

Oddities and Jokes (not always funny):

  • People talk about ‘mulling things over’ - this is a humorous take on what that might mean.
  • The ultimate flowchart for successful projects!
  • The strange things that people do that, when you think about it, make no sense at all ...


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