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A Definition

Hello, and thanks for visiting. Let’s get one thing straight from the start. CyberOutlaws are not necessarily malicious immature hackers. Most have not chosen that role. Instead it has been forced upon them by circumstances - they have been ‘cyberoutlawed’ against their will - hence the resentment.

There are three main ways this happens: where people have been bullied by technology; disadvantaged by it; or treated as a threat (because they choose to be different about the way they use technology - often in ways not originally intended).

Maybe, without realising it, you have become one? For example, have you:

  • been annoyed to find your local bank closed and felt forced to go online?
  • had to replace a perfectly good smartphone because it won’t run the latest app?
  • felt humiliated in a shop that refuses to take your cash and insists you use methods which track you?

Then you’ve been cyberoutlawed! But there’s more to it than that. Some of us choose to be different and actively reject the notion that technology for technology’s sake is good. It’s not about being ‘Luddite’ and wanting to go back to clay tablets for writing. Instead it’s seeing that technology is increasingly being used as a tool of coercive control in a completely unacceptable way. For example:

  • Facial recognition is being used used at airports to ‘save queues’ at document controls. At the moment, if you can’t use these gates for some reason there are staff there to check you. But that is changing. One by one the staff are being removed to ‘save costs’ - and along with it your choice not to use the gates. Eventually you will either have to comply, or give up travelling.
  • Socially, to use the various apps, (eX, FaceBuk, Instagrum, TokTok etc) your smartphone is continually updated automatically. Eventually the phone is outdated and you are told that, for ‘security reasons’, you must buy a new one. Would you accept that happening with your car? No! But, wearily, we comply - and feel that we are being cheated in some way - we are.

But there are choices, ways of living your life as you wish to and still retaining your identity despite these pressures. That’s partly what this site is about - giving voice to how you can be different by choice.

Each tab above has a CyberOutlaw’s view on the issues that concern us all today - you may find some insights that are both surprising and useful - this is not all ‘doomster’ stuff by any means! Thank you again.


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