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Security and Military

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CyberOutlaw view on Security and Military Issues

During March and April 2024 articles will be added to cover topics such as:

Military and Intelligence:

  • The War on Terror. Have you ever thought what a stupid name that was / is and why? No wonder it caused more trouble than it was worth. Its assertions are still being used by dictators and despots round the world to justify their actions. Shame!
  • Is Putin’s war in Ukraine really going to be the basis of World War Three (WWIII)? What are his strategies and weaknesses and does he have any that will doom him to inevitable failure? And what is his ‘nuclear threshold’?
  • What is intelligence? Is it data, or information, or knowledge, or wisdom or none of these? What does it mean to ‘join up the dots’ or ‘think out of the box’? Was Netanyahu’s failure to predict the Hamas 2023 attack one of intelligence or of mindset?

Risk and Uncertainty:

  • Are unintended consequences just that? No! They are usually inevitable, or even ‘normal’ - in the sense that the way actions were carried out set the conditions for certain types of outcome to occur (regardless of attempts to stop them). How?
  • There is much talk about failures of prediction and of things being ‘unprecedented’. Is this true? Are there limits to prediction? If so what are they ...
  • Risk assessments are also everywhere, but are they about probability or possibility? They should include what might be possible, however improbable, but they do not. Does it matter and if so why?

Security and Surveillance:

  • Facial recognition, do you approve of it? How accurate is it? How often does it get things wrong? What happens when people are taken ‘out of the loop’ and algorithms take over? Can we, as innocent citizens, counteract or neutralise it?
  • Is the software you use ‘secure’? No, it is not - as many breaches and failures have shown. Can it ever be made totally secure? No. This article will explain why not. In any case what does ‘secure’ mean?
  • Can the Internet fail totally? Can it be ‘turned off’? What would happen if it did, if it could be? Do you have fall-back capabilities / reversionary modes that you could use? Should you have a digital / paper ‘go bag’ (as they do in earthquake prone areas) - the equivalent of bits of string a torch and a knife? Or do you just not care ...


[ As at 07 Mar 2024 ]

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